Coral football jackpot pool

Have you heard about the exciting new football jackpot run by Coral bookmakers? It really is something worth finding out more about as it carries a £100,000 weekly prize fund that can be won by playing for just a £1 stake. Sound like something you’d enjoy a stab at? Our team review the promotion and tell you everyone you need to know before getting your bets on.

Coral customers can bet on the Coral Jackpot at one the 1000+ shops located around the UK mainland or through the desktop website and mobile app. Launched back in the summer of 2013, it made waves in the early days and has continued to grow in popularity since, becoming a real favourite with football punters looking to win big from their love of the beautiful game.

It runs every weekend throughout the season and a coupon is printed and published with each of the qualifying fixtures on it. The slip contains 15 games and players are challenged with predicting either a home win, away win or the draw. Stakes are set at a minimum £1 per line and a maximum £20, the latter applies to those perming their accumulator.

If you are going for small stakes you can choose the handy lucky dip option that works best online and this will randomly choose your selections. It’s then up to you to keep track of the progress. This is ideal if you are in a hurry, but the majority of players prefer to make their own picks, trusting their football knowledge over the random quick pick option.

If, on any week the game is live, there is no winner, the prize pool will roll over to the next week and this could build into a serious amount of cash. As there are no rules on how many times the pool could roll over you could find yourself needing 15 correct predictions for £1m. That’s certainly a prize worth winning and its little surprise an increasing number of players throw their hats into the ring in an attempt to land a life-changing pool.

If there is no rollover on any given week, a single winner is guaranteed at least £100,000 and that will be paid regardless of how many players are in the pool. That makes it different from a Totepool or lotto style bet where the prize is reliant on the number of players putting their stake money in. If there’s just a few, you will all be battling for that hundred-grand.

The pay-out is life-changing for most but it’s fair to say predicting 15 correct results is no mean feat, so winners are fully deserving of their prize at the final result. You’ll be glad to learn there’s a consolation prize and customers who correctly predict 13 or 14 results won’t go away empty-handed. They will receive a cash pay-out which is determined by the number of players in the hat that week, as well as the number of players claiming a consolation. The more players in the hat and less with claims to a prize, the better for claimants.

Playing is fast and easy. If you are popping into any of the Coral bookmakers you can request a Football Jackpot slip and mark your selections before handing your bet to the cashier who will accept the stake and give you a print off, adding your coupon to the entrants. If you are doing it on the Coral website or mobile app, it’s just as simple. Follow these steps to get on…

– Log on and select the Football Jackpot coupon on the football section of the site
– Bets must be placed before 3.00pm on Saturday
– Make your predictions, clicking home win, away win or the draw
– Select your stake, from £1 to £20 and confirm
– Your bet will now be on and the stake deducted from your balance

The larger the stake the more chance you have of winning the jackpot as you will have more than one claim to the pool if winning. It’s also gives you a bigger share than a player who is claiming to a £1 stake. This appeals to many punters but the difficulty of this bet makes it one best suited to low stakes, so many are happy to stick with the £1.

If you are perming your bets – picking more than one selection in each game – this will have an effect on the total stake due which is automatically calculated when placing online to ensure there are no surprised when it comes to placing the bet and taking the cash from your balance.

If you correctly predict the result of all 15 games and you are the only player to do so that week you will win £100,000. This amount is lowered if there are more than one claiming the prize. In that instance you’ll get a share even to how many lines you have, or how big your stake is. 14 correct will land you the first consolation prize and 13 correct the second consolation prize. Again, the amount here depends on how many are in the running following the final result.

The minimum consolation prize that applies here will be £1.10 for every £1 staked and that is true regardless of the number of winning entries, although that’s the worse case scenario and we’d need to see a large number of punters with winning entries for that to be the case.

Here’s a more in-depth breakdown of how this Jackpot pool works, to ensure you are fully up-to-speed before risking your stake. The pool is divided amongst the winners with a claim to the pot or consolation prizes and your share depends on your stake, or how many lines you have. Coral keeps a percentage of each ticket price to cover their operating costs and to work as a profit for the business. 30p in ever 100p is kept by the firm, leaving 70p to be thrown into the pool. If, on any week, a pool is not won, the prize pot will be carried over to the next week and the potential winnings will grow as a result. This can result in a fund up to £1m but it’s also worth remembering Coral cover the difference to ensure the least you can win is the 100k.

If there is a rollover it’s worth knowing that only new punters joining the mix will be subject to the pool deduction. There will be no deduction on the stakes made by those remaining in the rollover when betting for another week. Here’s a breakdown of how the winnings are paid

– 70% of the overall pool will be paid to players with 15 correct selections
– 20% of the pot will be paid to players with 14 correct selections
– 10% of the pot will be paid to players with 13 correct selections

That comes into force if there are players with claims to each prize and the amount depends on how many winners there are. If you are one player with 15 correct and no one claims 14 or 13, everything goes to you. That amount could be £100,000 or it could be more if there was a rollover.

New Coral customers playing on the sportsbook site will also get a fantastic welcome bonus when joining and making a first deposit and bet. Click any link to the Coral site on this page to get started and grab your share of the promo.